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About Us

Welcome to Al Anbat hotels!

Al Anbat hotels started in 1980 as one of the first hotels in the Petra Area.

Under the direction of Mr. Raja Nawafleh and his 5 brothers they started the Al Anba hotel and Restaurant located on the top of a mountain across the Petra Mountains.
Their goal was to provide the tourists a safe haven where they can enjoy the Jordanian hospitality after a heavy day of discovering one of the 7th world wonders and the Bedouin culture.

Because it is a family business that takes great care of its guests and go the extra mile to satisfy their costumers, they were able to expand their business and open 2 other hotels in the middle of the city centre. Al Anbat 2 and Al Anbat 3 were born. While Al Anbat hotel and Restaurant is a 3* hotel that provides all the luxuries and extra's like spacious rooms, lunch and dinner, swimming pool and an amazing Turkish Bath. Al Anbat 2 and 3 are more focused on backpackers and young families who prefer to stay in the middle of the city life.

Since the 30+ years the Al Anbat hotels exist, they were able to maintain their family business and many young nephews are now keeping up the family spirit and working hard to show our guests the famous Jordanian hospitality.

Our 3 hotels are always ready to welcome you and we hope to meet you soon.
If you want more information, you can always contact us at


Kindest Regards,

Raja Nawafleh and Family